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PBS Kids Go! Writer's Contest Winners

This year’s 2020 WFWA39 PBS Kids GO! Writer’s Contest winners from South Adams



1st place receives a $75 Barnes & Nobles Gift card as well as records his/her story for airing on WFWA39 station in the fall

2nd place receives a $45 Barnes & Nobles Gift card

3rd place receives a $30 Barnes & Nobles Gift card



2nd place              Brooklynn Schwartz     “The Picture and the Princess”

3rd place               Aubrey Hunt                  “I have a Snake” 


First Grade

1st place               Kyleigh Rediger            “A Unicorn that Learns to Swim”

2nd place              Kiana Weiland              “The Cat & The Little Girl”

3rd place               Jude Provost                 “A Dream of a Snake”


Second Grade

1st place               Kathryn Orr                   “Aliens in My Basement” 

2nd place              Gracelyn Moser            “The Good Elephant”

3rd place               Harper Sprunger          “The Giraffe who didn’t have any friends”


Third Grade

1st place               Duke Buckingham       “Kobe Bryant”

2nd place              Foster Studebaker        “The Trip to Florida”

3rd place               Gabe Steiner                “The Steiner Family”