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Alternative School Lunch

Have a picky eater at home? Tired of packing lunches already?

SA cafeteria has another affordable alternative to the school lunch offered every day! The sack lunch includes either a PBJ sandwich or yogurt/cheese stick, WG cracker/bar, fruit/veggie choice and milk for the same prices as the regular school lunch.


Food for thought!


Here’s what you would pay if you packed a similar meal from home- saving you TIME & MONEY. SA school lunch prices: (Elementary $2.25; MS/HS $2.35)


(prices from

  • PBJ uncrustable- $0.75
  • String Cheese $0.25
  • Bar/Cracker (ex. goldfish snack) $0.42
  • Fruit serving (ex. apple)- $0.82
  • Veggie serving (ex. carrots)- $0.50
  • 8 oz Milk Prairie Farms- ~$0.35

Total Price from home lunch $3.09