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Elementary Fundraiser

We are excited to offer something new this year.  Instead of selling items, we’re asking for donations to sponsor an event.  It will be our version of American Ninja Warriors and WIPEOUT.  We’ll have seven inflatables, inflatable pony races, Kona ice, a cash machine, etc.  The Day of Awesomeness is scheduled for Thursday, September 26.     


On Tuesday evening, you will register online at  It should only take around ten minutes to register and enter the phone numbers/email addresses you want to receive the text/email messages.  The company will do the rest.  They will send the text messages/emails for you requesting the donations.  Your part is done.  Students/families without internet can collect donations the old-fashioned way.        


On Wednesday, August 28, students will bring in their completed Golden Tickets (on the front page of your fundraiser packet) stating that you have registered 10+ phone numbers/emails.  Everyone turning in a Golden Ticket will receive The Alien Hat, Book Selfie Light, and a 10’ Cord extender plus be entered to win an iPad! If you entered 20+ Emails/Texts your child is also entered to win 1 of 4 mini Party Fridges with cash inside.        


The donations raised will be used to fund our Day of Awesomeness, and provide plenty of prizes for the students who raised funds (prizes are based on their donation level).  Extra money raised will be used to fund RAH RAH Celebrations, fields trips, and buy classroom/playground equipment.  Thanks for your help with our fundraiser.  The students will love our Day of Awesomeness.