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PBS Kids Go! Writing Contest Regional Winners

Eight South Adams Elementary students were recognized for their winning stories for the 2019 Regional PBS39 Kids GO! Young Writers’ Contest. A special awards reception was held at the Fort Wayne PBS39 station on May 30th where awards were announced.


Regional winners from South Adams Elementary are: 

Kindergarten 2nd place winner: Selah Wenger 

Kindergarten 3rd place winner: Elsie Wilson 

First grade 1st place winner: Catelynn Noonan 

First grade 2nd place winner: Kathryn Orr 


Second grade 2nd place winner: Ireland Shuck 


Third grade 1st place winner: Lexi Garringer 

Third grade 2nd place winner: Alyse Oswalt 

Third grade 3rd place winner: Luelle Schoch

First place winners received a $75 gift card to Barnes & Nobles, second place winner a $45 gift card to Barnes & Nobles, and third place winners a $30 gift card to Barnes & Nobles. First place winner will be returning to WFWA39 to be taped reading their stories for broadcasting over WFWA39. The 2019 PBS39 Kids GO! Writers’ Contest was made possible through a grant from Dr. Louis and Anne B. Schneider Foundation.