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Mental Heart Health

February is heart health month and, with that in mind, we want to encourage our students to not only do an inventory of their physical heart health but their mental heart health as well! The SA Wellness Council (along with the SA Student Services) would like to remind students that our awesome school counselors are here for them to have a “HEART TO HEART”!

SA Parents – please encourage your child to speak to a school counselor if they need someone to talk to. We have incredible counselors ready to help our students!!!

Amy Reinhard,

Sheila Graber,

Chris Gilbert,


  1. The counselor is here for ALL students.
  2. Anyone can talk to the counselor. Not sure where to start? Ask your teacher!
  3. You can talk to your counselor about school, home, friend stuff, or anything that matters to you.
  4. You are not in trouble if you talk to the counselor.
  5. The counselor keeps what you say confidential (private) UNLESS someone is hurting you or you want to hurt someone else or yourself.
  6. The counselor can help you with making good choices and understanding your feelings.
  7. The counselor can teach you healthy coping skills for when things do not go your way.
  8. School Counselors provide academic guidance, career & college planning resources, and personal support to all students.



Read these statements aloud. Allow yourself to note your feelings, how your heart is doing, and determine if you need to speak with someone to provide support.

  • “You are not alone.”
  • “You are understood.”
  • “You are seen.”
  • “You are heard.”
  • “You are important.”
  • “You are capable of using your heart to make good choices.”
  • “You are a great worker.”
  • “Do follow your dreams- dream big!”
  • “You are as bright as a shining star!”
  • “You are awesome!”
  • “You are loved!”
  • “You have access to strengths that can support you.”