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Technology Student Association Events 2022

High School:

Students placing in TSA events the weekend of April 22-23 include the following: Dragster, 4th place-Ethan Davidson, 3rd Pl-Hayden Brown, 2nd -Burton LeFever, 1st – Mark McKinley. For Coding, 5th place-Matt McKinley. Children’s Story-2nd place-Josephine White and Paige Selimovic, 3rd place Technology Bowl- Burton LeFever, Addison Yoder and Matt McKinley.


The Cardboard Boat Race was a great successl. Two middle school teams, The Bucks and The William, outpaced the high school winning 1st and 2nd. The team of Hayden Brown, Ethan Davidson, Mark McKinley and Burton LeFever came in third place with a time of 119 seconds.


Thank you to our janitorial staff, administration, Nate White (he planned the entire cardboard boat race) and is our new STATE TSA Officer for the next school year! Also, thanks to our TSA officers Maggie Nussbaum, Hayden Brown, Max Moon, Alec Neuenschwander and Raven Ford for their help and planning!

Middle School:

Essays on Technology, 5th place – Zeke Baumer, 4th – Gavin Litwiller, 3rd – Avery Brown, 2nd- Reagan Bollenbacher, 1st-Calah Hill. For Challenging Technology Issues – 1st Kade Sprunger and Jax Wanner. For Dragster- 5th place – Nathan Plattner, 4th-Kade Sprunger, 3rd-Gavin Litwiller, 2nd- Drew Subler, 1st-Dakota Sprunger. Problem Solving - 4th place-Caydince Goodman and Jazmen Longsworth, 3rd - Derek McKean and Brendon Sprunger, 2nd- Nathan Plattner and Drew Subler, 1st with a time that also beat ALL high school competitors, Gavin Litwiller and Dakota Sprunger! 1st place for Structural Engineering – Calah Hill and Lauren Dudgeon, Coding-1st Bennett Hubbard and Caydince Goodman. Dakota wins the Chromebook for the highest points for the weekend!


The Cardboard Boat winners were Dakota Sprunger, Brendon Sprunger, Drew Subler and Derek McKean, “The Bucks” team, WON the race with 38 seconds as well as the Jolly Roger Award for the most spirited team. 2nd place, in 116 seconds was The William team of Kaleb Minger, Gavin Litwiller, Zeke Baumer and Nathan Plattner, and the Titanic Award went to Jasper Shuck, Will Patterson and Daniel Rupp. The NO NAME team from the High School came in third place with a time of 119 seconds.


Thank you to the TSA officers, Jax Wanner, Kade Sprunger, Skye Liebrock and Bennett Hubbard for all their help!