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Riley Dress Up Days Will Be Held on February 11-15

We’re trying to raise money for Riley Hospital again this year.  Many of our students have benefited from the medical services at Riley Hospital.  Students can pay a quarter a day to participate in the following dress up days:

Monday, February 11 - Pay 25 cents and be a BUDDY to Riley.  Bring your BEST BUDDY (stuffed animal) to school for the day.

Tuesday, February 12 - Pay 25 cents and Give HOPE for the FUTURE.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  It’s Occupation Day.

Wednesday, February 13 - Pay 25 cents because Riley is full of kind hearts - Wear your KIND IS COOL t-shirt.

Thursday, February 14 - Pay 25 cents and show your love for Riley - Wear red!

Friday, February 15 - Pay 25 cents and shine bright for Riley - Wear your STAR apparel.

Additional donations for Riley will be accepted. The top classroom in each elementary grade will be treated to a donut or pizza party. The top overall homeroom class in middle school will be treated to a donut or pizza party.