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Student Lunch Procedures

School Lunch Safety Protocols and Guidelines


We are working to keep our lunch procedures as “normal” as possible. However, there will be changes. One of the most important temporary changes to note is that we will not be offering snack bar as we get the school year started. This will mean no salads, wraps, chips/ala carte foods at this time.  We will have the hot lunch option and sack lunch option.  We hope to reevaluate this decision in the coming weeks.  


Students will eat lunch primarily in the school cafeteria and the middle school gym to allow for the social distancing.  Five (5) students will be seated at each twelve (12) foot table to support social distancing.  In addition, prior to any meal service, all children will utilize hand washing or sanitizing to ensure safe eating practices. Seating charts will be established to provide documentation required by the Health Department.  Students will wear masks as they enter the cafeteria and go through the line. They will take their masks down while they are eating.  


  • Eliminate self-serve food items. Snack bar not available at this time
  • Napkins and silverware are provided directly by staff, not for individuals to grab.
  • Prohibit food-sharing.
  • Provide hand sanitizer throughout the lunchroom. 
  • PPE provided and worn by all food service staff preparing and serving food. 
  • Work with local health department officials to comply with all requirements for your county. 
  • Students will be allowed to bring lunch from home