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    About our Preschool


    Our preschool is a developmental preschool that serves special education students and “typical peers” who have developmentally appropriate skills. The “typical peers” are role models for our special education students.  We usually have 18 openings for “typical peers”.  Students that are one-year students will be selected for these openings over two-year students.


    Information about our preschool


    Our preschool meets 4 days a week Mondays through Wednesdays and Fridays. No school on Thursday.


    Tuition is for “Typical peers” only.

    4 days a week is $70.00

    2 days a week $35.00


    Hours for our Preschool

    Morning class 7:55-10:45

    Afternoon class 12:15-2:55


    Transportation is not provided for “Typical Peers”.


    Please email Mrs. Sell at lsell@southadams.k12.in.us for questions you may have.


    If you are considering South Adams Preschool, please fill out the application in January or February before the following school year. Click Here for Application