New Student Health Requirements

  • When a student enrolls in a school corporation for the first time or any subsequent time and at any level, his parents must show either that he has been immunized or that a current religious or medical objection is on file. Parents must provide the school corporation with complete immunization records prior to the beginning of the school year.

    Minimum Immunization requirements for students enrolled at kindergarten and grade one and less than 7 years of age (must be complete when school opens in the fall):

    5 doses of diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (DTaP), Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DPT), pediatric diphtheria-tetanus vaccine (DT) or 4 doses are acceptable if the 4th dose was administered on or after the 4th birthday; (under 7 years of age)

    4 doses of any combination of IPV or OPV by age 4-6 or 3 doses of all OPV or IPV are acceptable if the 3rd dose was administered on or after the 4th birthday;

    2 doses of measles (rubeola) vaccine on or after the first birthday;

    1 dose of rubella (German Measles) vaccine on or after the first birthday;

    1 dose of mumps vaccine on or after the first birthday;

    3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine for all kindergarten and Grade 1 students, and

    2 doses of Varicella (Chicken pox) vaccine on or after the first birthday or record of disease. Parental history of chickenpox disease is acceptable as proof of immunity (no vaccine is needed). A written statement from the parent/guardian indicating dates of disease and signed is all the documentation needed. Documentation by a physician is not necessary.

    Eye Exam - mandatory by the State of Indiana
    Dental Exam - encouraged
    Health record on file including immunization information - mandatory


    Attention Parents of Current 5th Grade Students

    All students going into 6th grade must have a meningococcal (MCV4) and tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (Tdap)  BEFORE starting school in the Fall.

    You will need to provide a copy of your child's shot record, indicating these immunizations have been given to your child. Contact your doctor or the health department to schedule and complete these required immunizations prior to your child entering 6th grade.

    Attention High School Senior Students
    Reminder: All students going into 12th grade must have a SECOND meningococcal (MCV4) and 2 Hepatitis A vaccinations BEFORE starting school in the Fall.

    Please contact your family physician or the health department to get this complete. You may bring completed records to registration. If you have any questions please contact  Haley Provost. Also a reminder that immunization objection forms MUST be signed every year. These forms will be available at registration.