State standards covered

  • 1.1 Allocate the appropriate resources for task completion.

    1.2 Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills.

    1.3 Develop leadership skills.

    1.4 Establish positive relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.

    1.5 Research, analyze, and use data for work assignments.

    1.6 Apply effective critical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving techniques.

    1.7 Select and use appropriate tools and technology.

    1.8 Implement quality assurance measures and safeguards.

    1.9 Read and interpret written materials.

    1.10 Apply written communication skills.

    1.11 Demonstrate effective listening and speaking skills.

    1.12 Perform appropriate mathematical calculations correctly.

    1.13 Exhibit a responsible work ethic.

    1.14 Demonstrate accepted standards for ethical behavior. 

    2.1 Establish a personal career goal and develop objectives for achieving the goal.

    2.4 Prepare for exams leading to certifications recognized by business and industry.

    2.5 Develop skills needed to enter the workforce.

    2.6 Evaluate resources that keep workers current in the career field.

    2.7 Demonstrate skills and attitudes needed for lifelong learning.

    PMT3.1 Organize and coordinate safe shop practices and tool maintenance.

    PMT3.2 Perform measurement/layout/inspection operations.

    PMT3.3 Perform mathematical computations.

    PMT3.4 Demonstrate written and oral communication skills.

    PMT3.5 Develop a process plan for a part requiring milling, drilling, turning, or grinding.

    PMT3.6 Read and interpret blueprints.

    PMT3.7 Use geometric knowledge in the interpretation of machine drawings.

    PMT3.8 Perform bench work using a surface plate, surface gage, layout height gage, and combination set.

    PMT3.9 Use bench vises, hand drills, hand taps, tap wrench, files, scrapers, and coated abrasives to deburr parts and use arbor presses to perform press operations.

    PMT3.10 Perform pedestal grinder operations.

    PMT3.11 Perform power saw operations.

    PMT3.12 Perform drill press operations.

    PMT3.13 Operate a surface grinding machine.

    PMT3.14 Perform lathe operations.

    PMT3.15 Perform vertical and horizontal milling machine operations.

    PMT3.16 Program and operate computerized numerical control (CNC) machines.