Flame Eater Troubleshooting

  • Flame Eater Troubleshooting

    This troubleshooting page will be an on-going work-in-process. Please e-mail if you find other helpful hints or suggestions - jdailey@southadams.k12.in.us


    Note: all adjustments or references will be described with the flywheel towards operator unless otherwise specified


    Note: TDC - Top Dead Center: piston furthest away from crankshaft, closest to side port

    BDC - Bottom Dead Center: Piston closest to crankshaft, furthest away from side port


    1.     make sure engine is air tight

    a.      Rotate engine backwards (top of flywheel moving away from you) as the piston is coming back towards the crankshaft, you should feel that it is springy.


    2.     If there is an air leak,    

    a.      Check the slider valve first, we found out that the slider valves are a little short (height) and on some barely cover the side port. If you look at the print, the only thing that changes is the overall length - 1.06. The ones that were sold all ran when they left the classroom, so they should again, but a longer slider valve would be an improvement.

    b.     Check that the slider valve face is not scuffed. If it is, get a piece of 400 grit or finer wet/dry sand paper and lap it on a flat surface.

    c.     If there still is an air leak, put a more than normal amount of oil in the cylinder with the motor sitting vertical on the front edge of the base and cylinder head fins. Wait for the oil to run all the way around the piston / cylinder wall gap and then rotate the motor again. If it still is not springy, the piston or cylinder may be worn.


    3.     If the engine does not run:

    a.      Make sure the flame is large enough to completely cover the opening, bigger will work, but smaller will not.

    b.     Make sure the area above the piston (look through open port) is clean and dry. Oil makes its way into the area that would on an internal combustion engine be called the "combustion chamber", this seems to cause big problems. With piston near TDC and slider valve open, reach in with a Q-Tip or paper towel and dry out any oil inside. Be sure not to leave any pieces of cotton or towel inside.