Advisory Board

  • 1. Membership consists of:

         - Journeyman Machinist

         - Journeyman Tool and Die Makers

         - Journeyman Moldmakers

         - Machine Shop Owners

         - Mechanical Engineers

         - Tool Sales Professional

         - Maintenance Machinist

    2. Input:

         - recommend tasks necessary for student success in the workplace

         - Review project prints for accuracy and relevance

    3. Activities:

         - Skills USA: Members help judge both practice and regional contests

         - Proffesional development activities: Members join in by allowing job shadowing and by attending Precision Machining Shows

         - E-Mail: Members help make class decisions over e-mail

         - Promotional: Members meet with students, guidance councelors, principals, and superintendents to stress the importance of a properly trained skilled workforce.

    4. Involvement with program design, resource utilization, and program outcomes:

         - Help in deciding what new equipment is needed

         - Suggest new projects that could be used to train students

         - Help prepare students for Skills USA contests

         - Key players in getting donations of material, tools, and machinery

         - Assist in getting up-to-date tooling into the classroom

         - Inform the instructor of strengths and/or shortcomings graduates have once they are in the workforce.

         - Make suggestions towards improving the end results; what needs stressed the most