Program Design

  • Beginning Machine Trades - 90 minutes per day

    Advanced Machine Trades - 150 minutes per day


    Year          Beginning          Advanced          Total

    2010              8                    10                  18

    2009              12                   14                  26

    2008              21                   11                  32

    2007              14                   12                  26        

    Program Objectives:

    1. Provide hands-on, industry level experience in manual and CNC machining and other manufacturing processes.

    2. Provide instruction in machining related Geometry, Trigonometry, and general shop math.

    3. Instruct students in the importance of tolerance by manufacturing projects that assemble together

    4. Accurately utilize various Metrology tools such as: Outside Micrometers, Inside Micrometers, Depth Micrometers, Dial Bore Gages, Gage Blocks, Optical comparators

    5. Provide introduction to TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding

    6. Introduce various manufacturing processes such as Plastic Injection Molding by allowing students to produce their own molds.

    7. Introduce Metallurgy and students will successfully Heat Treat low carbon steel by means of carburization

    Expected outcomes:

    1. Students will have the skills and knowledge neccesary to begin in a machine shop directly from high school.

    2. Students will gain knowledge of what aspects of training is needed after high school to further thier education in machining and manufacturing.

    3. Students will have the opportunity to earn Dual College Credit through local Tech School.

    4. Students will gain aspects of effective work ethic neccessary to become successful individuals.

    Expected Student Compentencies:

    1. Students will show compentencies through:

         - Successful completion of projects with industry standard tolerances

         - Successful completion of "Task Sheet" checklist which includes neccessary skills needed in any machining facility.

         - Through quizzes, homework, and tests, students will show they understand the threory behind the application.

         - Work ethic is measured by use of a weekly shop grade which takes into account attendance, responsiblity, cleanliness, and staying on task.