2008-2009 Scholarship Project

  • 08-09 Flame Eater Engine Scholarship Project

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    Flame Eater Engine Scholarship Project

    The Machinists’ Group of Northeast Indiana was formed several years ago by a great group of guys with the vision of promoting the Machining and Skilled Trades in this area. One way they determined to do this is to provide scholarships for Machining Students in this area. Since the inception of the Scholarship, we are very proud to say that we have had 6 students receive these scholarships.

    Since the Machinists’ Group of Northeast Indiana has no membership fee and is open to anyone interested in machining or the skilled trades, the way they have raised the money for the scholarship in the past is to manufacture model engines and sell them at local shows. Since South Adams Machine Trades Students have received all of the scholarships in the past, we felt it would be good if we pitched in. Therefore, in the advanced class, we are currently manufacturing 40 “Flame Eater Engines” (AKA – Flame Licker, Vacuum Engine, Atmospheric Engine) see attachments. At the completion of the project, each student will receive an engine, and the remainder will be given to the machinist group for fundraising.

    May 2009

    As of May 7, 2009 all of the engines have either been ran or passed out to the students. 23 engines are to be sold by the machinist group and as of 5/7/09, Eleven have been sold. of the 14 students, 4 of their engines are running and the others are rapidly remaking parts to allow the others to run. One engine is being prepared for the display case at our high school, and one is going to the South Adams Science Department.

    Feb. 2009

    The project is going great! Students are building fixtures. They are coming up with quick and efficient ways of creating the parts. The students are working together as a team like they would in industry. Right now we have split into 3 different groups and each group is responsible for certain parts, as they complete those parts, they shuffle their resources to make sure all parts are being completed. The neat thing about this is that this “Flame Eater Project is in addition to the Miser Stirling Engine the students designed themselves, so currently there are 55 engines being manufactured at the same time here in one class!!