Stage 2

  • This is the 2nd Stage of the self-paced Machine Trades Class at South Adams.

    Projects: For the 2nd Stage of Machine Trades you get to select a project of your choice.

         - 2WD Pulling Truck

         - 4WD Pulling Truck

         - Stiling Engine

         - Glow Engine

         - Arbor Press

         - Project of your choice (with approval and must include the following)

              > Must meet all SA Machine Trades Independant Project requirements and guidelines

              > Must be an assembly

              > Must include tolerances tighter than previously held

              > Must include processes more challenging and difficult than previous projects 

              > Inspection Sheets must be created by the student for each part

              > Processing Sheets must be completed and approved prior to machining parts

              > Any materials, fasteners, bearings, etc. not stocked by the class will be purchased by the student



    You will follow the assignments in order and complete tests, assignments, projects, etc. on or before the last day of the week listed.

    On the left of this page you will find links for each page of the items necessary for each week's requirements.

    You may work ahead, but always make sure you work in order.

    Remember: It is always easier to fall behind than to catch up!

    As with everything in life.... if you have questions ASK!! 


    Time Frame:

    Stage 2 should be completed before the end of the Second Semester of your first year!

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