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    2024 Total Solar Eclipse

  • What is happening?

    On Monday, April 8th, 2024, Adams County will experience a total eclipse. The moon will gradually cover the sun until it completely blocks it from view. This event differs from what Indiana experienced in 2017, as it was an annular eclipse, which did not completely cover the sun. This event will last from about 1:53pm to 4:25pm, with totality occurring from 3:09 to 3:12. The most recent total solar eclipse occurred in Indiana in 1806 and the next will occur in 2099. 

    What does this mean for Adams County?

    It is estimated that during the weekend of the eclipse, Adams County could see an influx of approximately 20,000 to 50,000 people based off what other communities like ours have experienced in the past. The excess number of people could cause a significant increase in traffic, grocery and gas shortages, internet shortages, and cellular strains. The County is taking steps to ensure that the crowds and their effects will be addressed efficiently, with safety as a top priority.

    How can I prepare?

    • Eye Safety - Looking directly at a Solar Eclipse can cause serious long-term eye damage potentially resulting in blindness. Special glasses can be worn to view the event, while still protecting your eyes. These must be labeled ISO 12312-2 (some add :2015) and should not be scratched, torn, or punctured. Do not use protective gear with any known magnifier, such as binoculars or camera lenses. These require a specific solar filter to use. Some vendors may sell knock-off glasses, so ensure that you are purchasing from a source approved by the American Astronomical Society. A list of approved vendors is available here (GLASSES VENDORS). All students in Adams County, both public and private, will be receiving a free pair of glasses for the event. Homeschooling families can contact the Adams County Emergency Management Agency to receive a pair.
    • Plan Ahead – Make sure that you have everything you need to make it through the weekend prior and the Monday of the event. This includes food and fuel. Try to avoid scheduling any meetings or appointments during the afternoon on the 8th. It is advised to stay off the roads completely during this time. Note: Due to high traffic, first responders will be stationed throughout the county to ensure a standard response time to any emergency. 
    • Animals - Animals have been shown to have anxious, confused, and agitated reactions during eclipses. They often begin nightly routines and are thrown off when the sun returns. Ensure all animals, including working and non-working, are in a secure location. It is strongly recommended by the Indiana State Board of Animal Health to avoid any horse-related transportation during the eclipse. The eclipse and effects of it can make them unpredictable.
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                  Adams County EMA


                  Adams County Emergency Management Agency - Contact Barb Lehrman, 260-724-5320, blehrman@co.adams.in.us

  • Local officials estimate that 20,000 to 50,000 people will be traveling through the county in the days leading up to April 8th. Be sure to use these tips to have a smooth weekend prior to the Solar Eclipse.

    Eclipse Crowd Tips