• Job Description:

    1. Head Coach of the South Adams High School Cheerleading Program


    Job Requirements:

    1. Perform the duties of a head cheer coach, including but not limited to:
      1. Perform all administrative duties assigned.
      2. Maintain knowledge of modern teaching and coaching techniques
      3. Organize and implement the yearly, monthly, and/or daily practice plans, including all in-season and off-season goals and expectations.
      4. Order, maintain, issue, collect, and inventory all cheer equipment and uniforms.
      5. Yearly evaluations of all aspects of the cheer program, including the middle school program.
      6. Budget and maintain financial spending for all levels of the South Adams cheer program.


    Job Qualifications:

    1. Cheer experience at the varsity level preferred but not required.
    2. Background and knowledge of tumbling and stunts preferred but not required.
    3. Demonstrate ability to successfully lead and work with administration, student athletes, coaching staff, middle school program, and community


    Contact Information:

    Name: Jason Arnold, Athletic Director

    Phone: 260-589-8231

    Email: jarnold@southadams.k12.in.us

    Address: 1000 Parkway St, Berne, IN 46711


    Application Instructions:

    1. Send completed application and resume materials to Athletic Director, Jason Arnold.
    2. The coaching application is found under the “more” tab on the athletic website, www.starfireathletics.com