• Starfire Families,


    Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and willingness to help in making the car rider line and crosswalk area much safer than it has ever been!!  We do have some housekeeping concerns that need to be addressed to help make the line even safer.


    Here are a couple of reminders about dropping your student off in the North Car Rider Line each morning:


    • Once you are in the area of the drive that has a sidewalk, please have your student exit the car on the passenger side.  We have staff on the sidewalk beginning at 7:35 to make sure your student gets in the building safely.
      • The above will happen even during inclement weather.
      • Once inside the foyer area, there is still adult supervision, so your student will still be supervised until permitted into the halls.

    • Please remember that the car rider loop (circle drive) is a No Idle or Parking Zone.  Please utilize the parking lots if you’re going to park and walk your student into the building.


    Please watch this helpful video that will give you a visual example of entry and exit expectations. Thank you once again for your continued support!


    Video:  K8 Entry and Exit Safety Update November 2022