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    August 12, 2022


    Just a friendly reminder about the student arrival guidelines in our student handbook.  Students are not permitted in the building before 7:45 (unless they are eating school breakfast).   Because of this, we ask that parents not drop students off before 7:40.  Below is the information found in the handbook on page 9.


    ARRIVING AND/OR LEAVING THE BUILDING - All students arriving for school in the morning are expected to wait outside in designated areas until 7:45 when they may go to class. The only exception for entering the building earlier is for students going to breakfast. Each child should have a normal procedure of transportation home provided to the school. Notification (phone call, note, email) should be provided by the parent/guardian indicating any changes from this plan. There is no supervision provided inside or outside the school building before 7:45 am.


    It's been a wonderfully smooth start to the new school year!  We are so excited to see all of our STARS back on Monday!