• South Adams School Nutrition Program is preparing for the return to free, reduced, and paid lunch prices for the upcoming school year. To offset this financial burden to families, we are pleased as a district to be able provide free textbook rental and the technology repair plan for the 2022-2023 school year. EVEN THOUGH WE ARE NOT CHARGING FEES, FAMILIES STILL NEED TO BE SURE AND FILL OUT THE FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH FORMS SINCE LUNCH IS NO LONGER FREE TO ALL FAMILIES THIS YEAR. We are encouraging all families to apply for free and reduced lunch price benefits. Please read the information below on how to apply.


    Many students who participate in Medicaid, Food Stamps, or TANIF may automatically qualify for free and reduced lunch eligibility. For students who automatically qualify due to these programs, the paper/online application would not be required. Contact the Food Service Department if you think you may automatically qualify.


    Paper applications are available any time to complete during the school year and are located in the school offices as well as in the Food Service Office. You may pick up an application this week on August 3 and 4, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.


    In addition to paper applications, South Adams is excited to also offer to parents the ability to apply for free and reduced eligibility benefits through an online application form.


    To apply online- visit the Food Service Department Page and locate the middle blue section titled “MEALTIME ONLINE” or click on the following link - https://www.mymealtime.com/. Once you are on the MealTime homepage, click on the yellow banner “Mealtime Apply Online”



    Parents will be directed to make a profile, input student information and income information. Please have your student’s 5 digit student ID number written down to assist with this process- this can be located in the Powerschool Parent Portal. Parents may save and come back to the application if not able to complete upon first login. We encourage you to write down your user name and password so you may come back to the application later if you are not able to complete during the initial login. Once the application is submitted, the food service department will be notified and the application processed within 7 days. The SA Food Service Department will send notification to the families letting them know if their application has been approved, denied, or sent in as incomplete. This is an alternative to the paper application- please do not fill out both forms. If further questions arise please contact Abbey Morgan at 260-589-1112 leaving a detailed message so we can best assist you in applying for eligibility.


    Please know that applying for free and reduced eligibility benefits not only impacts your family but also impacts the school in many different areas of funding and programing. We encourage all families to apply and remind you that applications can be completed at any point during the school year.


    “How do I know if my student has any lunch money? How do I check their lunch balance?”


    To easily track and check your student’s lunch balance, create a Meal Time online account at https://www.mymealtime.com/ . You will be asked to make a user name and password and will need your students 5 digit identification number. You can track your students spending, see their balance, add funds if you would like electronically and more. Please contact the Food Service Department if you have any questions about setting up your account.


    Abbey Morgan, RD, MA

    Food Service Director

    South Adams School Corporation