• Hello Everyone!


    I posted a video on Facebook about the signs and ordinance changes coming to Parkway Street by South Adams Schools.  The signs are here and they’re up.  However if you go past the school you’ll see that they’re covered.  We’re wanting to get some education out there before implementing everything.  Expect videos, school emails, FB posts, newspaper articles, etc.  Below is a brief description of the signage: 


    NO LEFT TURN:  This means from 02:30 pm to 03:30 pm, on a school day, that you won’t be able to turn left onto Starfire Way when traveling westbound on Parkway St.  Parents/drivers will have to come from the west traveling east (towards US 27) and make a right turn onto Starfire Way.  Vehicles coming from the Starfire Way, Stucky St and/or Continental Dr can turn either direction onto Parkway St. 


    What does this mean for afternoon pickup?  It’s simple.  Parents/drivers will line up on the south side of Parkway St and turn right onto Starfire Way basically creating an assembly line to pick up their student(s)/kiddos. 


    NO PARKING OR STOPPING:  This also means that from 02:30 pm to 03:30 pm, on a school day, that you are not permitted to park or stop your vehicle in this area.  Hence no parking and waiting for your student(s)/kiddos to come from the school.  If you’re going to park and wait, you’ll have to do it in a dedicated parking lot and not on the roadway. 


    The no parking area(s) are: both sides of Parkway St from Starfire Way to the end of the playground fence; and the north side of Parkway extends to the east drive of South Adams High School parking lot. 


    Just as a reminder:  It is against state law to block a private drive, street and/or crosswalk.  So please leave room for exiting vehicles and stay off of the crosswalks. 


    SPEED LIMIT 20 MPH:  There is no change here, simply additional signs. 


    Thank you for your patience and understanding in helping make this area safer for our kiddos, parents, crossing guard, and everyone traveling through!  Any questions, please ask!  And please SHARE! 




    Earl Hough - SRO

    Berne Police Department

    South Adams Schools