• Starfire Families,


    After speaking with our local health department regarding the CDC guidelines for families traveling over Spring Break, we have updated the requirements for returning to South Adams Schools after international travel. We have also provided guidelines for domestic travel.


    Families, according to the CDC guidelines, are required to have a negative test prior to returning to the United States. The CDC also recommends, however the wording does not require, that someone quarantine after traveling outside of the USA. For school purposes, if you travel outside of the United States over break, your child must do the following in order to return to school:

    1. Provide a copy of the negative Covid test result to school.
    2. Remain masked and social distanced at all times.
    3. Will eat lunch in a separate room where social distancing is possible for 7 days from test date.
    4. Monitor for any Covid-19 symptoms and notify the school immediately if any should develop and begin quarantining.
    5. This applies to any extra-curricular activities/sports outside of school hours. This includes wearing a mask and socially distancing for practices as well.
    6. If your family chooses to quarantine for 7 days after international travel, please contact the office.



    Anybody traveling or visiting family over Spring Break outside of your own household should also monitor for any symptoms of Covid-19 and self-quarantine if symptoms should develop or if you have a known exposure. We feel confident these measures will help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep our Starfire family safe and healthy!