Starfire Family, 


    Dr. Ainsworth has informed us of some changes to the definition of what a close contact means in the school setting in Adams County. While distance and time still matter (striving for 6 feet apart and no longer than 15 mins together in small groups) we will focus on wearing masks more consistently in the classroom as a primary means of keeping our students healthy and preventing our students from becoming a close contact.  


    What does this mean for us?


    •    Students will now be required to wear masks more consistently throughout the day.

    •    If students have masks on more consistently (besides hydration/masks breaks) in class/on the bus and are beside someone who tests positive, they will NOT be considered a close contact. 

    •    This will drastically reduce the likelihood of students and staff becoming a close contact in all settings, thus allowing all of us to remain in school and reduce the number of families impacted by quarantine.


    These changes are in response to the increased number of cases in Adams County.  They are designed to keep our South Adams Family healthy and in school.   As a Starfire Family it is important that we ALL do everything we can to combat the spread of Covid-19.


    We are incredibly thankful for ALL you are doing outside of school hours to keep our SA Family safe and healthy. Please continue to remind your children to practice social distancing, have good hand hygiene, and wear masks when appropriate, even when they are not at school. These practices will help ensure we can stay in school at full capacity and limit exposure and spread of Covid-19. We understand that this can be challenging, but the extra caution at this time will be extremely beneficial to everyone. It is going to take all of us to keep our schools running in person.  


    **Also, if ANYONE in your home is being tested because they are symptomatic or have been exposed to Covid-19, you CANNOT send any of your children to school. If ANYONE in your home is being tested, PLEASE contact the school nurses right away.   


    We appreciate all of the extra efforts our school staff and Starfire families are doing to ensure our health and safety while at school.  We know that together we will continue to do our best and to keep our students, staff and community safe.


    We are also grateful to have the guidance from Dr. Ainsworth and the Adams County Health Department to keep us up-to-date on the latest situational scenarios that allow us to make decisions about our kids and staff members. 


    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continued willingness to do whatever it takes every single day to keep our SA Families safe!!