• We are so excited to welcome students back to school on Wednesday, August 12th!!!


    Please refer this page frequently as we continue to add more information regarding the first student day.


    Wearing Masks:


    ·       All students will be provided with a face shield, mask, and gaiter. 

    ·       Students are allowed to bring their own school appropriate face coverings from home. 

    ·       Masks will be provided to students as they get on the buses or as they enter the building on the first day of school.


    While South Adams students and staff will not be required to wear a mask/face shield at all times, there will be times when masks will be required to decrease the chance of a transmission of COVID-19. Students and staff will be provided with both face masks and face shields. 


    Face masks/coverings will be required in the following situations where social distancing may not be possible*: 

    - while riding on a school bus, 
    - during classroom situations where instruction requires close contact
    - while at the school nurse’s office, during times of transition
    - during free time that is not active play and students are staying in place with limited movement while socializing with other students


    Face masks/coverings will be allowed, but not required in the following situations:

    - during free time when students are supervised and actively engaged in play in large areas ie outside or in the gym
    - during classroom situations when seated in a socially distanced manner (seating is separated, facing forward, teacher is speaking more than six feet away)
    - during times of food and drink consumption (lunch & snack times)
    - during times of transition where an individual is not in close contact with another individual or group of individuals
    - while an individual is alone and/or in need of private/personal time. 

    *As recommended by the Adams County Health Official, Dr. Michael Ainsworth. 


    School Lunches:

    We are working to keep our lunch procedures as “normal” as possible. However, there will be changes. One of the most important temporary changes to note is that we will not be offering snack bar as we get the school year started. This will mean no salads, wraps, chips/ala carte foods at this time.  We will have the hot lunch option and sack lunch option.  We hope to reevaluate this decision in the coming weeks.  


    Students will eat lunch primarily in the school cafeteria and the middle school gym to allow for the social distancing.  Five (5) students will be seated at each twelve (12) foot table to support social distancing.  In addition, prior to any meal service, all children will utilize hand washing or sanitizing to ensure safe eating practices. Seating charts will be established to provide documentation required by the Health Department.  Students will wear masks as they enter the cafeteria and go through the line. They will take their masks down while they are eating.  


    - Eliminate self-serve food items. Snack bar not available at this time
    - Napkins and silverware are provided directly by staff, not for individuals to grab.
    - Prohibit food-sharing.
    - Provide hand sanitizer throughout the lunchroom. 
    - PPE provided and worn by all food service staff preparing and serving food. 
    - Work with local health department officials to comply with all requirements for your county. 
    - Students will be allowed to bring lunch from home


    Riding the Bus and Bus Route Changes:


    Here is information concerning school buses as they resume routes Wednesday morning, August 12th for the first student day:

    ·         Rural (non-town) routes remain the same as last school year

    ·         Town (Berne & Geneva) routes have different times and buses

    ·         Click the link to see Berne & Geneva routes and times Bus Routes

    Face coverings will be worn on the bus
    All students will be provided a face shield, mask, and gaiter by the school
    Students are allowed to bring their own school appropriate face coverings from home
    Masks will be provided to students as they get on the buses or as they enter the building on the first day of school
    ·         Student seating will be recorded to provide documentation required by the Health Department


    If you have bus questions please contact

    ·         Transportation Director Mark Cook at mcook@southadams.k12.in.us

    ·         Doug Beall at dbeall@southadams.k12.in.us


    Car Riders Procedures:

    Please click here - SA Car Rider Procedures


    Returning Student Devices:


    Elementary students should NOT bring their iPad on the first student day. Carrying cases will be sent home with students on the first student day and the student should bring their iPad and Apple school provided charger back on Thursday, August 13 in the carrying case.


    7th & 8th grade students should bring their fully charged laptop, charger, and bag on the first student day. (6th grade students returned their iPads in July. Windows laptops will be ready for 6th grade students in their classroom.)


    High school students should bring their laptop, fully charged, the first student day.  

    (Incoming freshman students will use their 8th grade laptop at the high school the first few days, and will wait to receive instruction on when to exchange it for a new Windows laptop.)

    High school students will continue to take laptops home every evening as in the past.


    This is reminder that if you wish to participate in the device repair program, your payment is due the first week of school.


    If you have any questions, please contact Myra Moore at 260/589-1117 or email at mmoore@southadams.k12.in.us