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    South Adams Schools Re-Entry Plan

    Beginning August 2020


         South Adams Schools is excited to welcome students and staff back to school in August of 2020. The first student day is set for Wednesday, August 12th, pending Board approval.  This is one day later than stated on our original 2020-2021 calendar.  This additional day will  allow for staff training related to the changes required during this school year. 


         This communication provides our families with initial information related to our focus as we work to create a comprehensive re-entry plan to keep our students, families, faculty and our entire community safe. The conditions, current medical landscape, and growing body of knowledge surrounding COVID-19 continue to evolve. This reality presents challenges to planning, preparing and maintaining school operations.  The SA Team will continue to follow guidance from the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), the Governor’s Office, the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), and our Adams County Health Department as we work over the next few weeks to create our comprehensive back to school re-entry guidance. 


    Below is a list of accommodations and procedures that we will implement and continue to expand upon to ensure the well being of our entire South Adams Community. 

    • Social Distancing 
      • Desks separated and facing forward 
      • Cafeteria seating separated, assigned seats (breakfast and lunch)
      • Social distance in the hallway using established traffic patterns with signage for directives 
      • Various assigned entry points to minimize numbers of students congregating 
      • Students will go directly to the rooms from their bus
      • Use of auditorium for larger classes
      • Reduced number of students on the playground at any given time
      • Restroom schedules created to reduce the number of students in the restroom at any given time.
      • Locker assignments will be adjusted to enhance distancing
      • Passing periods will be staggered to decrease numbers in the hall
      • Wear masks when social distancing is not possible



    • Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Hygiene


      • Students and staff will wash hands as often as possible
      • Hand Sanitizer units will be placed at all entrances including recess doors
      • Visitors are required to sanitize hands before entering the school office  Visitors will be limited to the school office
      • Keeping all areas cleaned throughout the day (Schedule being constructed)
      • Playgrounds sanitized three times per day
      • Playgrounds will continue to be closed outside of school hours
      • Restrooms sanitized multiple times per day.
      • Classrooms sanitized between student groups
      • Buses sanitized twice per day
      • Drinking fountains will be replaced with hands free bottle fillers
      • Touchless faucets are being installed
      • Any shared devices/materials will be sanitized between use



    • Health and Safety


      • Separate Covid/Sick Injured Clinic spaces being developed
      • Additional nursing staff 
      • Protocols put in place for tracking absences and questions generated for parents as well to be prepared on what to report as they call in an absence
      • Staff, student, family trainings will be provided on a number of covid and health related issues and protocols
      • Staff will continue to be in the hallways monitoring student contact during morning entry, dismissal, and passing periods
      • Assigned student groups will remain together throughout the day whenever possible.  Assigned seating will occur in the cafeteria, in the classroom, and on buses
      • Symptom checklists based on trainings to be used by staff when sending student to the nurse
      • Further symptom interviewing done at the clinic
      • Protocols for actions being developed in conjunction with the Adams County Health Department, related to possible and positive cases within the school 



    • Transportation


      • Bus routes will operate as normally as possible. (Additional routes are being considered to enhance social distancing)
      • Students will have assigned seating on the bus to increase social distancing. Family groups will sit together
      • Bus will be loaded back to front to limit student contact while loading the buses
      • Students will ride their assigned buses only. Students will not be allowed to ride on other buses for birthday parties or special occasions, etc. (Emergencies will be addressed on a case by case basis) 
      • Buses sanitized twice per day
      • Utilizing multiple entry/exit doors
      • Staggered loading and unloading times