• To watch the recorded video instructions, please click here.


    The online form will be available July 22 through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.




    Log in to your Parent account through the PowerSchool Parent Portal (student logins will not have the online form available). If you do not know your username and/or password, please contact the school office (re-opens Tuesday, August 30) or Myra Moore 260/589-1117, mmoore@southadams.k12.in.us.


    Click on the Annual Re-Registration Tab (lower left-side of screen)


    A new web browser window should appear. Check the box to comply with COPPA and begin the form.


    Enter the birthdate of the child you launched the form under (Important - you will need to complete an online form for each of your children).


    As you navigate through the form, read the information carefully. Please update pre-filled information with any changes i.e. email, phone, address. 

    When you reach the end of the form, any required field missed must be filled out before the form may be submitted.


    Once the form is submitted, close out of the current window and return to the PowerSchool Portal and select your next child to launch a new form for them. When you launch a form for a second child, you will have the option to import information from your first child's form i.e. emergency contact information. If you wish to do this, make sure to choose "Import" rather than "Start from scratch".


    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or difficulty with the form. We will evaluate this year's process and strive to improve our form in the years to come. We appreciate your feedback.


    Thank you!