1:1 Middle School Laptop Plan

  • South Adams middle school students will be provided a Windows laptop during the 2020-2021 school year. Each student will be assigned one laptop to use and care for during the school year. The laptop will not travel home with student, but will remain in classroom carts after school hours. 

    We offer an optional maintenance/repair program for only $10 per year. The program covers a one-time claim during the 2018-2019 school year. 

    We are doing many things well at South Adams as our test scores and graduation rate indicate. Our 1:1 program is not to drastically change what we are currently doing in the classroom, but provide the necessary tools the students need.

    We feel there are many student benefits to having access to their own assigned laptop:

    • Provide immediate access to do homework, research, and note taking.
    • Provide endless opportunities to use digital curriculum/resources.
    • Familiarity of personal device.
    • Provide a sense of pride and ownership.
    • Develop responsibility and organization.
    • Train and educate the student in maintenance and care of a laptop.
    • Train and educate the student in digital citizenship and 21st century skills.
    • Prepare students to use collaboration tools for college, vocational schools and the workforce.


    ATTENTION PARENTS: If you do not have The Internet at home and are looking for an affordable way to obtain it, check out this website:  https://internetessentials.com/apply  ($9.95 per month plus tax with no credit check, no term contract, no installation fee, 10Mps, and in-home WiFi included.)