Student Use Rules

  • SAES Student iPad Rules

    • I will keep my iPad clean by washing my hands before using it. Food or drinks will not be near my iPad.
    • I will always know where my iPad is!
    • I will always carry my iPad with two hands or by hugging itJ I will never run while carrying it.
    • I will keep my hands from other students’ iPads.
    • I will not take my iPad out of the classroom unless my teacher tells me to. I will never take my iPad into the restroom!
    • I will not put anything on top of my iPad or stack something on top of it.
    • I will never put my iPad where it may fall or get broken (such as on an unsteady pile of books, on the floor, in my desk, on the edge of my desk or table).
    • I will always leave the case on the iPad.
    • I will not write, draw, etch, or place stickers on my iPad.
    • I will follow my teacher’s instructions and will not look at websites or apps that my teacher has not given me permission to be on.
    • I will let my teacher know right away if my iPad battery is low, not working right, broken, or missing.
    • I will always have my teacher unplug and plug in the iPad to the cart and make sure my iPad is turned in to the cart every day. I will not take my iPad home.

    My teacher has explained the above rules and I agree that I understand  them and will obey them. I know that disciplinary action will take place if I do not follow these rules.