• Frequently Asked Questions


    Why 1:1 iPads?

    The Apple computers we previously had in the classrooms were outdated and limited in number. After a year's research and planning, the elementary teachers unanimously voted in favor of each child having access to their own device. The iPad was chosen because of the many free apps available for education beyond general internet sites. All of the current programs we use are internet based and can continue to be accessed by the iPads, along with ISTEP, mClass, and Acuity testing.

    How did the school fund this project?

    The school had available funds to pay for the iPads upfront. Over the next four years we will rebuild the funds used for the iPads and continue to reserve funds for a refresh of the devices at that time.

    Will book rental be increased because of the iPad implementation?

    No, textbook rental will not be increased.

    Will the iPads replace textbooks?

    No. The iPads are intended to enhance our curriculum, but not replace textbooks. However, our reading and math series do have many online resources for teachers and students to use. These resources will be accessed with the iPads.

    Will the iPads go home with students?

    No. The iPads will always remain at school, locked in the homeroom classroom.

    Will students be able to download apps?

    No. Only the classroom teacher or IT staff will install apps on the student device.

    Is there a filter on the iPads?

    Yes, the iPads will access the internet the same as any computer on our network. Inappropriate sites are set to be blocked. The student iPads are also managed through our IT department and various general iPad settings have been customized for student protection.