• Welcome to South Adams Schools! We hope the following information will help you be connected with us. For detailed information on our school vision, policies and procedures, please refer to your child’s Student Handbook. We encourage you to reach out to your child’s teacher, principal, or office secretary if we can help answer any of your questions.

    Contact Information:
    Administration Office  260-589-3133  
    High School   260-589-3131  
    Middle School  260-589-1102  
    Elementary  260/589-1101  
    Athletic Department 260/589-8321  
    Food Services 260/589-1112  
    Homeless Liaison 260/589-1101 ext. 207

    Maintenance & Grounds 260/589-2379  
    Nurse   260/589-1101 ext. 344 
    Technology 260/589-1117  
    Transportation   260/589-3188  


    Parent Notifications and Communication:

    South Adams uses School Messenger to send weather-related announcements, school bulletins, reminders, etc. If you would also like to receive text alerts for important announcements, please sign up for Remind 101 notifications. (Click here for instructions.)

    Social Media:

    Parents are also encouraged to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts at:



    Inclement Weather eLearning Days:

    South Adams Schools may use eLearning Days during inclement weather.


    PowerSchool Student Data System for Parents and Students:

    View your child’s grades and attendance through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    Parent PowerSchoolPOWERSCHOOL Parent Connect 

    Click here for PowerSchool Parent Account Instructions

    Canvas (student assignments & homework):

    Middle and High School students/parents can view current and upcoming assignments through our LMS system, Canvas. Elementary teachers provide communication to parents primarily through classroom newsletters. Please contact your child’s teacher(s) if you are not familiar where they post classroom information.

    We encourage parents to sign up for your own Canvas account so you can observe your child’s activity. Please note, Canvas does not replace PowerSchool when checking your child’s grades. 


    Click here for Canvas Parent Portal Instructions 



    MealTime Food Service Portal:

    View your child’s lunch balance, account activity, and sign up for low balance alerts. You may also deposit lunch money online through this portal if you would prefer this over using eFunds for Schools. Click on the MealTime link and create an account. You will need your child’s 5-digit student number to complete the process.



    You must have a doctor's prescription if your child can't have milk. Any other food allergy also requires a doctor's prescription. The doctor needs to include on the prescription the replacement substitution

    eFunds for Schools (optional online payment program for book rental, lunch deposits, all sports pass, and laptop maintenance program):

    e-Funds For Schools offers various options for parents/guardians who choose to make payments on-line and is extremely user friendly. Not only will you have the ability to have lunch payments electronically withdrawn from your checking account or charged to your credit card, you also have the flexibility to make a payment at any time through the school's website.

    The e-Funds For Schools service is offered to you by a third party service provider and they charge for processing your payment(s), similar to other on-line banking services. The district does not request or keep records of family checking or credit card account information. The service provider has a nominal fee for their service. This plan applies a $1.00 transaction fee to each electronic payment you make using your bank check routing number. For payments made by credit card, there is an added convenience fee that would be a flat fee of $2.65 per $100 made. The system also carries a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) charge of $15. When you set up your account, please review your options carefully.


    Click here to access e-Funds Payment Center



    Report Bullying:


    Vector Alert is our district's tip reporting service.  If you have information about a threat to our safety, do your part and report it! 

    You can report on Bullying, Intimidation, Harassment, and other areas.  There are multiple ways to use Vector Alert including through a website, email, phone call, text message or through the Vector Alert app available in Apple's App Store or at the Google Play Store. 

    Here is a link for more information. Vector Report It!

    Vector Report It




    If you wish to volunteer at South Adams Schools or accompany your child on a field trip, you will need to complete a yearly criminal history form. By signing, you are authorizing South Adams Schools to perform a criminal history check.

    Health Communication:

    The office of health services/nurse assists the students to maintain an optimal state of health to enhance his or her education. The office is designed to supplement, not substitute for, the health care parents should provide for their children.   It is important to encourage healthy habits, such as a good night's rest and a well-balanced diet.  For the sake of your child's health and the health of other children, please do not send your child to school with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, persistent cough, or a communicable disease such as a bacterial or fungal infection.  Please review the health section in the student handbook for further information.

    Student Drop Off and Pick Up:

    Please help us keep students safe by doing the following:

    • Note the 20 MPH speed limit on Parkway Street.  Speeding tickets are much higher in a school zone.
    • Stay in the right lane to drop-off/pick-up students in the K-8 north or south circle drives.  Students should get out of their vehicles on the right side so they can step immediately onto the sidewalk.
    • Use the left lane only after you made the drop-off/pick-up OR if you want to park in the small parking lot.
    • Do not drive faster than 5 mph in the drop off zone.

    Please help us manage the traffic by doing the following:

    • Use the designated entrance for your student.  If the youngest student in the vehicle is in kindergarten or 1st grade, all students in the vehicle should be dropped off and picked up at the north circle entrance of Starfire Way.
    • If the youngest student in the vehicle is in 2nd grade or older, all students in the vehicle should be dropped off and picked up at the south circle entrance.


    • If you have questions about busing, please call Mark Cook, transportation director, at 260/589-3188.

    Bell Schedule:

                                                    Regular Day        2 Hr Delay           3 Hr Delay

    First Bell                                     7:50                      9:50                       10:50

    Tardy Bell                                  7:55                      9:55                      10:55

    Dismissal Bell                     ES 2:55/3.00     ES 2:55/3:00       ES 3:55/4:00

    Students are expected to leave the building by 3:15 (4:15 for 3 Hour Delay) unless they are involved in a supervised activity.

    1:1 Technology Initiatives:

    South Adams Schools recognizes that access to technology in school gives students greater opportunities to learn, engage, communicate, and develop skills that will prepare them for work, life, and citizenship. All students K-12 are provided and assigned a school device to use throughout the school day (K-5 iPads, Grades 6-12 Windows laptop). Please read the student handbook for guidelines, procedures, and student/parent responsibilities. Visit the 1:1 laptop link on each school’s website for more information.


    Special Services:



    Confidential Reminder: Access to PowerSchool Parent, and all other password-protected programs below are for authorized users only. Entering password-protected areas without authorization can incur both criminal and civil liabilities under provision of both federal and state law. Individuals using this network without authorization are subject to having all of their activity monitored and recorded as evidence for use during prosecution to the full extent of the law.